what was the aboriginal boomerang used for

As the wing rotates and the boomerang moves through the air, the airflow over the wings creates lift on both "wings". The accuracy of the throw depends on understanding the weight and aerodynamics of that particular boomerang, and the strength, consistency and direction of the wind; from this, the thrower chooses the angle of tilt, the angle against the wind, the elevation of the trajectory, the degree of spin and the strength of the throw. The development of tourist art and souvenirs—the arc of the boomerang: from hunting, fighting and ceremony to tourist souvenir. It was used as a toy.
"On the Egyptian Boomerang and its Affinities". All tribes made and used the hunting boomerang, but, not all tribes made and used the typical returning boomerang or the star shaped hunting/returning boomerang. Today's long-distance boomerangs have almost all an The projection of the flight path of long-distance boomerang on the ground resembles a From theoretical point of view, distance boomerangs are interesting also for the following reason: for achieving a different behaviour during different flight phases, the ratio of the rotation frequency to the forward velocity has a U-shaped function, i.e., its Trademarks of Australian companies using the boomerang as a symbol, emblem or logo proliferate, usually removed from Aboriginal context and symbolising 'returning'"Aboriginalia", including the boomerang, as symbols of Australia dates from the late 1940s and early 1950s and was in widespread use by a largely European arts, crafts and design community.This article is about the wooden implement.

Painted surfaces are similarly richly diverse. These weapons, sometimes called "throwsticks" or "kylies", were used for hunting a variety of prey, from Recent evidence also suggests that boomerangs were used as war weapons.Today, boomerangs are mostly used for recreation.

The boomerang represents Indigenous people’s 60,000-year links to this land, because they’ve been used for as long as Indigenous nations have thrived on the Australian continent.

Boomerangs are also used …

Roughly 60% of Aboriginal peoples used both returning boomerangs and non-returning hunting sticks, and therefore had words for them; a further 10% had only non-returning hunting sticks, and the remaining 30% used neither.Third, Aboriginal peoples had no writing so could not record their words before the arrival of Europeans, who soon discovered that the returning boomerang was called a ‘birgan’ by Aborigines around Moreton Bay, and a ‘barragadan’ by those in north-western New South Wales.It is a myth that it was Captain James Cook who recorded the name ‘boomerang’ for the first time.

An important distinction should be made between returning boomerangs and non-returning boomerangs.

It is a popular misconception that all boomerangs, when thrown, return to you. For more than the first half century of British colonisation of Australia, the term boomerang was used, in its Aboriginal language and in official British documents at least, to describe only the returning boomerang; but, as we have seen, there were already some popular misconceptions about boomerangs circulating in the colony and back to England. There was much talk about the boomerang in the colony, but still no recording of its name.A year after Barrallier’s journal entry, and possibly because of it, the When Sir Thomas Mitchell was given the task of assessing the fighting capabilities of Aboriginal tribes during his many explorations, he wrote, in 1846, a detailed account of how a boomerang returns, describing it as the effect of air pressure on the two opposed surfaces (produced by the twist in the wood at the tips of the boomerang) combined with the spinning motion produced by the throw. Boomerang was first described in details and recorded as a "boumarang" in 1822.

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